Analysis of the Intentions of the Ukrainian Army in the Attack on the Kinben Spit

Kung Chan, founder of ANBOUND

Source: Twitter

After retaking Kherson, Ukrainian forces unexpectedly crossed the sea to attack the Kinben Spit, which is a peninsula but has been desertified. Although it is in the Crimea, there are practically no settlements and there are not many military activities. The Ukrainian army began by sending special forces to infiltrate, and then a large-scale Ukrainian army began to cross the sea and enter the Kinben Spit.

What is the purpose of the Ukrainian army in doing this?

Our analysis is that this wave of attacks by the Ukrainian army has a relatively strong political purpose. Because Crimea has always been a strategic target for Ukraine, but the Russian army, after retreating from Kherson, set up three lines of defense along the left bank of the Dnieper. The depth and level of facilities of these defensive lines are quite high, and they will not be attacked overnight, which is a powerful barrier to defend Kinben Spit.

In this case, if the Ukrainian army wants to intervene in Crimea, it must find another way. They chose to bypass the Russian defenses and infiltrate from the soft belly, the Kinben Spit, to maintain a military presence on the Crimean Peninsula. This move is a long-term plan, the Ukrainian army does not intend to take Crimea through blitzkrieg but maintaining a military presence in Crimea is a goal that the Ukrainian army must strive to achieve.

This is the intention of the Ukrainian army to bewilderly attack the Kinben Spit!

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