British Ministry of Defense: The Russian Army has Abandoned the Battalion Tactical Groups Model

2 min readDec 1, 2022

Kung Chan, founder of ANBOUND

The British Ministry of Defense’s daily intelligence report notes that Russian troops in Ukraine have abandoned Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs) — a model that has not justified it.

The Daily Intelligence report pointed out that in the past three months, the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine has completely deactivated the BTGs.

The concept of BTGs has played an important role in Russian military doctrine over the past 10 years, combining battalions with a full range of support units, including tanks, reconnaissance and artillery, the report notes.

In Western military practice, artillery is not used in such a dispersion.

The shortcomings of the tactical groups at the battalion level of the Russian army are evident during large-scale operations in Ukraine, whose infantry equipment often turns out to be inadequate. At the same time, the scattered deployment of artillery prevented Russia from taking full advantage of its superiority in the number of artillery.

Battalion-level tactical groups will only be effective in offensive if they are fully authorized to use them autonomously and flexibly.

To sum up, according to this report of the British Ministry of Defense, the most important achievements of Russia’s military reform have been abandoned.

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