U.S. Media Hype China’s Nuclear Research Institutions to Buy U.S. Chips

2 min readJan 31


Dominated by geopolitical factors, American society widely views China with prejudice. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that in the past two and a half years, China’s nuclear research institutions had purchased sophisticated computer chips from the United States at least a dozen times in order to circumvent decades of U.S. restrictions that have curbed such exports.

According to the report, a review of procurement documents found that since 2020, the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP) has obtained semiconductor products made by US companies such as Intel and Nvidia through resellers in China, which were included in the US export blacklist in 1997.

The chips are widely used in data centers and personal computers, and some are procured as components of computing systems, many of which are purchased by research institutes and laboratories that study computational fluid dynamics, the newspaper said. Most of the chips procured by the Chinese Academy of Sciences range in size from 7nm to 14nm, many of which are difficult for China to mass-produce, but they are widely circulated on the open market.

Allen, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a US think tank, said the Chinese military and its suppliers can circumvent end-user restrictions by using shell companies and other export control circumvention tactics.

It should be pointed out that the reports and evaluations of American media and think tanks on the purchase of American chips by Chinese nuclear research institutes are clearly suspected of hype. The American chips mentioned in the rumors are not “top secret” extremely high-end products, but are widely circulated in the open market. From a logical point of view, any institution in China can easily buy related chips in the market.

Now American society is generally full of “hostility” towards China, and it is hard to be objective.

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